Spend more time interacting with your patients and less time collecting paperwork. Streamline your patient flow with the Appointment Launch family of applications and provider facing, integrated, web applications. These applications improve the patient doctor relationship and allow you and your staff to concentrate on healthcare and not on data entry. The Appointment Launch applications are able to integrate with most EHRs. Learn more about what the Appointment Launch family of products can do for your practice. Become a Appointment Launch provider today!

Market Your Practice

Market your pratice's specialties, services, and locations. We help patients find you.

Notify Patients

Notify patients of upcoming appointments, required electronic paperwork, and more.


Automatically send health education to your patients based on ICD-10 diagnosis codes.

Specialized Applications

Improve patient outcomes by automatically suggesting specialized mobile applications.

Receive Patient Info

Receive almost all patient health information without handing the patient a clipboard.

EHR Integration

Appointment Launch is able to integrate most features with almost any EHR vendor.

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Appointment Launch

Appointment Launch can streamline your practice flow, improve the patient doctor relationship, and allow you and your staff to concentrate on healthcare and not on data entry.

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Optical Launch

Optical Launch is built to boost the optical experience of your patients, customers, and your optical staff.

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